Universal Contract Manager (UCM) is designed specifically for ease-of-use and adaption to your unique requirements

UCMa-3-400x190Universal Contract Manager (UCM) is the perfect cloud based Contract Lifecycle Management solution for your business. Whether your goal is simply to create a central database of your active contracts or manage the complete contracting process from request to archive, UCM has the flexibility and extensibility to meet the needs of an ever fluid market. Our 30 day quick-start implementation methodology provides a fast return on investment and the confidence to know that you will never miss an important milestone or risk non-compliance with contract terms or regulatory requirements again.

Central Repository

UCM is a central repository for all contracts and will provide a framework for managing the entire contract lifecycle and contract components. iContracts believes that each contract is not a document but a container of information that includes the actual contract, addendums, milestones, activities, notes, emails, meta data, and much more.

User Adoption

With UCM’s modern intuitive design, users require minimal training and can effectively access and manage their “universe” of contracts. Manuals and training videos are included, allowing users to learn at their own pace.


With UCM’s automated reminder rules engine you will never miss an important milestone, expiration, auto renewal, or cancellation term. Rules can be configured to match any desired notification pattern with all necessary staff members notified at the correct time. Paying for unused contracts will be a thing of the past.


Creating an environment of efficient collaboration is easily achieved by using UCM’s customizable workflows, ability to store and group all versioned red-lines (including supporting documents), approvals, notes, emails & activities. Workflows notify the appropriate person at the correct time so all staff can follow the correct procedures for negotiating a contract. Potential bottlenecks in the process will be identified and addressed; ensuring prescribed deadlines will be met.


Creating and segmenting usable views of information is a pillar of how UCM will help you not only manage contracts but analyze the quality and effectiveness of your contract process. Create an unlimited number of repeatable and ad-hoc reports like expiring contracts, workflow bottlenecks, obligations, renewal terms, purchase level utilization, and much more.


iContracts believes that the power of well architected cloud based applications are the best way to deliver contract visibility throughout an organization.

User Permissions

Flexible, seven-layer security model to allow or limit visibility to desired users based on any number of user defined criteria.

Search & Store

Search and find contracts in seconds with one-click access to contracts mathcing your criteria.  Search based on metadata or textual content.


Secure anytime/anywhere access to your contracts

Compliance management is improved 55% with a contract management system. Aberdeen Group
Universal Contract Manager tracks the entire contract lifecycle from contract request to archive.
UCM lifecycle
Complete approvals and agreements in hours, not days, with electronic signature. By integrating with Docusign, the entire contracting process can be streamlined electronically, saving time and money. Quickly and securely access and sign documents while staying compliant.
  • Central area for managing the entire contract lifecycle and contract components
  • Automate contract processes, ensure compliance, expand visibility
  • UCM is highly configurable to meet your organization’s unique contract processes
  • Improves organizational efficiency and productivity
  • Reduces risk with the ability to view reports and provide audit tracking instantly
  • Eliminate document handling and storage
  • Never miss an important milestone, expiration, auto renewal or cancellation term again
  • Industry leading rapid implementation
  • Central database of all contracts and supporting documents
  • Global Search – Find contracts in seconds based on textual content and/or metadata
  • Unlimited storage of all contracts and supporting legal documents
  • Secure, Web-Based access via browser
  • Robust security model to permit or limit visibility
  • Edit in the cloud or from your desktop using MS Word
  • Automated workflow with email notifications for creating new and updating existing contracts
  • Integrated Dashboard customizable to individual users
  • All data fields reportable for an unlimited number of saved and ad-hoc reports
  • Mass loading of existing contracts