ANI Pharmaceuticals Goes Live with Full Suite of Solutions

Compliance and Revenue Management Solutions Deployed following Rapid Implementation

Bridgewater, NJ – November 18, 2015 – iContracts, the leading provider of cloud-based contract, compliance, and revenue management solutions, today announced that ANI Pharmaceuticals, a rapidly growing, publicly traded, specialty pharmaceutical company, has gone live with iContracts full suite of solutions to manage commercial contracts and help ensure compliance with Government pricing programs including Medicaid, state programs and associated calculations and reporting.

ANI recently completed the successful implementation of iContracts’ Chargeback Payer, Rebate Payer, Class of Trade Automation, Government Pricing, Medicaid Payer and Medicare GAP Payer. iContracts’ solutions help life science companies optimize performance by streamlining and improving their contracting, revenue management, and government compliance processes.

“We are pleased to have successfully completed the implementation of iContracts’ expansive suite of solutions for managing commercial contracts and government programs,” stated Charlotte Arnold, CFO for ANI Pharmaceuticals. “iContracts ability to deliver on their promise of a rapid implementation has positioned ANI to effectively manage compliance and revenue management processes far more quickly that we could have imagined. We look forward to fully utilizing the iContracts suite, improving our customer’s experience and realizing significant operational efficiencies as we continue to grow.”

“It has been a privilege to work with the ANI team to achieve this significant go-live milestone,” commented Leigh Powell, Chief Executive Officer of iContracts. “While the promise of rapid implementation and time-to-value is widely claimed by many solution providers, iContracts’ ability to consistently deliver on this promise sets us apart and continues to drive our success in the life sciences market. We are honored to serve ANI with our highly scalable, cloud-based solutions and look forward to supporting their continued growth and success in the future.”

iContracts’ solutions are available as an “on demand” service or as a behind-the-firewall offering and are built on iContracts’ revolutionary BCS platform featuring an advanced data architecture, rich functionality and Simplified Common User Interface (SCUI) enabling users to execute any process after learning just two basic page formats. This groundbreaking design drastically reduces implementation; training and future upgrade timeframes and costs. iContracts offers a competitive migration program for organizations who are thinking about making a change from their existing platform.


About iContracts
iContracts’ comprehensive suite of fully integrated cloud-based solutions helps companies improve collaboration, expand visibility, reduce costs, stop revenue leakage and optimize performance. Powered by a Simplified Common User Interface (SCUI) that makes every user an “expert” by understanding a few core concepts, iContracts solutions are backed by the most highly evolved cloud-based architecture in the industry, built by technologists with extensive contract management experience. iContracts comprehensive suite of solutions revolutionize how organizations think about and manage all aspects of a company’s contract management process, transforming it from an unwieldy collection of spreadsheets, customer applications, filing cabinets, and scattered electronic directories to a powerful tool that aligns strategy with execution, while simultaneously insuring greater visibility into commitments and the ability of companies to support growing needs for regulatory reporting and audits. Our solutions are enterprise-class and can be quickly and easily integrated with any off-the-shelf or custom system to meet exacting business requirements without the army of consultants and endless fees associated with other products and providers.

About ANI Pharmaceuticals
ANI Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is an integrated specialty pharmaceutical company developing, manufacturing, and marketing branded and generic prescription pharmaceuticals. The Company’s targeted areas of product development currently include narcotics, oncolytics (anti-cancers), hormones and steroids, and complex formulations involving extended release and combination products.